Large Callsign Desk Plates

The Large Callsign Desk Plate is 12" x 3" x 3/4", featuring your callsign engraved in cherry, oak, or maple. Available in Carved, Raised, or Engraved. The Carved and Raised plaque designs includes an engraved line of text of up to 25 characters.

Large Carved Desk Plaque

Cherry Laser Carved Engraving Call Sign Desk Plate

Large Raised Desk Plaque

Cherry Laser Raised Engraving Call Sign Desk Plate

Large Engraved Desk Plaque

Large Cherry Laser Engraved Call Sign Desk Plate


Large Callsign Desk Plate
Wood Options
Your Callsign
text up to 25 characters

For the Carved and Raised designs: if you would prefer not to have a line of text, please type "none" in the text box.

*Shipping prices are for U.S. only. Please see FAQ for international orders*

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